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Ardas and Sadhana Kaur of Celebrate Us Now, invite you to one of our new Kundalini Yoga Workshops, Special Events, Meditations, Classes, and our NEW Reiki Certification Training for First, Second & Third Degrees.  We are available for individuals and/or groups.

We offer yoga workshop opportunities to help reduce stress, enhance healing, and attract prosperity.  In addition, we are currently offering a 3-part Stress Survival Workshop – to be experienced in 3 separate, 3-hour Workshops – focusing on breath & meditation to help yourself in a natural disaster situation.  These workshops also include healing mudras (hand positions) and timely information for health & healing.

Check out our Workshops tab for detailed information about workshops currently being offered.

Please read our focus letter below.

Dear International Community,

“Now is the time, and the time is Now”

It is the time to pull together in community – recognizing the “One” that we are, and to join together to heal, comfort, and grow- as we move through the great changes of these times.

Our Teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who came to America in 1969, left a legacy of amazing teachings that can assist humanity, help us through our suffering and point us in the direction of Infinite abundance, peace and bliss.  Through his dedication, perseverance and love for humanity, he brought to us kriyas and meditations of all kinds.

We would like to share a kriya and a meditation for you to do on your own.  We are doing these individually within our Wednesday meditation group- for added power & support!  Please join us!

Nabhi Kriya:  Works to build a strong navel!





Taken from KRI Teacher Training Manual Level 1










Try this breath meditation for resetting the brain’s electromagnetic field to increase your personal presence!       Taken from KRI Teacher Training Manual Level 1



Peace to All,

Ardas & Sadhana Kaur

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